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Buying Beats Online: Everything You Need To Know !

Apr 262019

First, let’s talk about free beats.

The easiest way to recognize a free beat is by the producer tags that you hear every 30 seconds.

Once you buy a license for a beat, it will no longer have the tags in it.

If you’re in the possession of beats without a license agreement from the producer. Then you could consider that a free beat as well.

In that case, you’re not authorized to use it for commercial purposes.

Producers vs. Artists discussion on Free Beats

There’s been a discussion going on for years. Definitely worth explaining a little more.

Producers hate it when artists ask for free beats. And yes, it happens all the time.

“Can I get this beat for free, I’ll give you credit”

Anyway, in defence of the artists, I have to admit – The hypocrisy is REAL!

When you’re looking for beats on YouTube. Most of the titles you’ll find say “(FREE) BEAT” or “FREE DL.”

So, they’re offering free beats but then complain about artists using their beats for free.

How is that NOT confusing? 😅

The reason why we do that has to do with marketing strategies and ranking on YouTube. It’s just click bait.

In defence of the producers, including myself. Trust me when I say that many artists are taking advantage of our craft and hard work. And

that is just disrespectful if you ask me.

My music is downloaded hundreds of thousands of times in the last couple of years. Most of them illegally.

Imagine the headaches…

So, I don’t feel bad about asking someone to buy a beat with a proper license that comes with it. It makes it easier for all parties involved.

What can you do with a free beat?

Not much… At least, nothing commercially or profitable.

Uploading on Facebook. Is that commercially? These days, yes.

Same goes for YouTube and Soundcloud (both are streaming services).

I offer free beats to let artists…

Try it out before they buy.

Record vocals and see if their vocals match the key of the beat.

Record a demo and get feedback before purchasing a license for it.

I am allowing them to make sure that it’ll be worth the investment.

Sometimes I do permit people to upload their songs created with my free beats to Social Media.

But if I want to take the song down for no reason. It’ll be taken down within minutes.

Yes, I can do that. 😊

Buying beats online – How does it work?

By purchasing a beat, you are purchasing audio files that are copyrighted by the producer. In return for your payment, the producer grants you several rights to use the beat.

This is what we call the License Agreement.

There is a difference between:

Non-exclusive licenses / Exclusive licenses.

The biggest difference is that a non-exclusive license for one beat can be sold to several artists.

Yet, an exclusive license can only be sold once and to one artist only.

In this article, I will only address the subject of non-exclusive licensing.

Different licensing options – Which one to choose?

Online producers offer different licensing options. In my case, I have 5 options.

Basic Lease

Premium Lease

Trackout Lease

Unlimited Use

Exclusive Rights

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Some producers call them MP3 Lease, WAV Lease or Standard Lease but it pretty much works the same.

The more expensive your license, the more rights you get from the producer.

Also, the more expensive your license, the better quality audio files you will receive.

So, what is the best choice?

I am not gonna lie.. Most people that are buying beats online go for the cheaper licenses.

One that comes with fewer user-rights and low-quality audio files.The user-rights granted in those cheaper licenses might be enough for


Yet, more importantly are the quality of the audio files.

If you’re looking to create quality music or at least want to make music the right way. Then make sure you get the Tracked Out files

If possible, always go for a license that comes with Tracked Out Files. In my case, that would be the Trackout Lease or Unlimited License.

If I buy a beat with a Basic License – Can I upgrade my license later?

On my website: YES! 😃

Like I mentioned earlier… I know what it’s like when you’re transitioning from free beats to buying beats for the first time.

Money is always an issue, right… 💸

If you do not have the funds to go for a more expensive license, you can always upgrade later. You’ll only pay the difference between the standard prices of the licenses.

If you want to know if other producers offer this service too, you would have to reach out to them yourself.

I can’t answer that question for them.

Once I buy a beat – Do I own any copyright?

Once you write your lyrics and record it over the beat, you will own the copyright to your lyrics only.

And what you will create with the beat is a New Song, also known as a “Derivative Work.”

What is Derivative work in music?

A derivative work is a new, original product that has aspects of a someone else's already copyrighted work in it (like a remix or a translation). A derivative work can also be when you decide to record the sample yourself instead of taking a sample from a preexisting track. A derivative can be work that is a re-recording of someone else's original work (for example you do a recording of yourself doing someone else's riff instead of sampling the recording of the riff). In case of derivative work you also need the permission of the copyright holder.

This means that you will own and control 50% of the so-called “Writer’s Share.”

The producer will own and control the other 50% of writer’s share.

You do not own the master or the sound recording rights in that New Song.

You have been licensed the right to use the beat and commercially exploit the song you make with it. Based on the terms and conditions of the license agreement you’ve purchased.

The producer will remain the sole owner and holder of all right, title, and interest in the Beat. Including all copyrights to and in the sound recording, and the underlying musical compositions, written and composed by the producer.

What if I buy a non-exclusive license, then someone else purchases the exclusive license for that same beat?

When it comes to buying beats online, you’re granted the rights that you received when you purchased the beat.

So, when someone else purchases the exclusive rights, it will not (immediately) affect you.

But there are some things you need to know…

In the old days, you were granted the user rights in the non-exclusive licenses for life. And most producers still operate this way.

Nowadays, some producers sell licenses that expire after 2-4 years. In my case, my licenses expire after 5 years.

This means that you will have to buy a new license after that term.

If someone purchased the exclusive rights during your term. That will only mean that you will no longer be able to renew your license. After

your term is due.

Producers don’t always show this information in their licensing tables. Make sure you check that before you make the purchase.

There’s usually a button beneath the tables which lets you view the actual license agreement. (in my case "View License")

One more thing!

I’ve noticed recently that some producers install a new term in their license agreement.

One that grants the producer the right to end your license agreement even before your term is due.

The producer includes in their agreements that they’re allowed to terminate the license agreement upon written notice to you.

In return, they will pay you double or triple of what you’ve initially paid for the beat.

That does not have to be a problem for you, but whether it is, depends entirely on the success of your song.

Always check your agreements before buying beats online!

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